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Taylor McCaffrey LLP has experienced copyright and trade-mark lawyers.

Copyright Law and Trade-mark Law protect intellectual property for individuals and employers. Depending on the work you have created, both copyright and trade-mark protection might be necessary; experts at Taylor McCaffrey LLP will help you determine what is required to project-specific types of intellectual property.

Copyright law is the legal right to produce, reproduce, publish or perform original work, including computer programming. When original work is created, a copyright is automatically applied. By registering the copyright, the creator receives a certificate from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. The creator of original work usually owns the copyright but, depending on the circumstances, an employer could be the owner. We will strive to ensure that original work has the best possible protection under the Copyright Act and Regulations. We also advise on international copyright protection.

A trade-mark can be the combination of letters, words, sounds and designs that distinguish one company’s goods or services from another’s. Trade-marks are unique; they help to identify the goods and services that are provided by a particular company and help to build a company's brand and reputation.

Trade-mark law protects trademarks from being misused by others and allows the owner to have exclusive rights to their use.

Taylor McCaffrey LLP will work to ensure trade-marks are protected in the best possible way under the Trademarks Act and Regulations. We can also advise on how you can protect your trade-marks internationally.

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