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The World Economic Forum defines Emerging Technologies as “technologies which arise from new knowledge, or the innovative application of existing knowledge.” These technologies, including unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), robotics, artificial intelligence, and automation, have the potential to radically change current industries and create entirely new ones.

Transport Canada Civil Aviation, Canada’s national aviation authority, has passed a series of regulations restricting the use of drones. While the recreational operation of drones is legal, some limitations include where and in what capacity they can be flown. If you want to pilot commercial drones, you must now obtain a Special Flight Operations Certificate from Transport Canada Civil Aviation.

Taylor McCaffrey LLP’s Emerging Technologies lawyers can help you navigate the ever-evolving laws and regulations for drones and all emerging technologies in Manitoba, Canada and international jurisdictions. Through our membership with SCG Legal, our connections in multiple countries around the world allow us to keep up to date on global regulations so you can embrace the Emerging Technologies market and to provide you with knowledgeable service providers wherever you are carrying on business.

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