Tax Planning for Estates & Trusts

Our Estate Planning lawyers work with individuals, families, family business and family trusts to develop and administer successful estate plans. Effective estate plans require our lawyers to collaborate closely with our clients and their other advisors as we develop strategies to preserve wealth and transfer assets from one generation to the next.

Working with Taylor McCaffrey LLP’s Estate Planning lawyers means you also can benefit from the many other experienced legal minds at our firm. We have one of Manitoba’s leading Tax Law departments, which helps clients consider and initiate estate planning which will minimize the cost and complexity of the administration of your estate. These can include simple things such as joint ownership of assets during your lifetime and naming specific beneficiaries of pensions and insurance plans. It can also include the more complex issues of tax planning for high-net-worth individuals. We help clients save or at least defer the payment of taxes and provide the appropriate funding to cover any potential future tax liabilities.

We strive to give our Estates and Trusts clients the peace of mind they deserve knowing their plans are structured to address their specific tax concerns efficiently.

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