Workplace Safety & Health

When accidents occur in your workplace leading to an employee's injury or death, you need help quickly. We are there to provide that help, but also proactively to prevent such problems before they arise.

From policy development and training, hopefully preventing workplace incidents, to defending those charged under Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) legislation, we are here to help and offer services that include:

  • Policy review and development,
  • Training,
  • Post-Accident Advice,
  • Litigation/Defence of Charges,
  • Representation during Ministry of Labour investigations for matters arising under WSH legislation, and
  • Defence of those facing administrative penalties.

We primarily support employer and management-side relations but we also have experience representing individual plaintiffs should the situation arise.

Our lawyers have significant experience in the area of Workplace Safety and Health. Jamie Jurczak frequently defends employers charged under provincial and federal workplace safety and health legislation and is well versed in assisting clients in responding to serious workplace accidents, addressing administrative appeals of regulatory orders and performing regulatory compliance reviews and audits.

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