Where the heart and soul of the firm resides


The Blackstone Lounge, a special place in Taylor McCaffrey LLP's office premises, is where our clients and lawyers interact with each other in an informal setting.

Named after Sir William Blackstone, an eighteenth-century jurist who first chronicled the common law, the Blackstone Lounge provides an ideal space for our lawyers to lead legal information seminars, celebrate firm milestones and participate in client-centered events.

At Taylor McCaffrey LLP, we believe a great firm is built around a shared sense of who we are and what is important to us.  It is more than merely a collection of hallways and offices, tablets and laptops.  A great firm must have a sense of community in which people not only work together but where they interact with each other and their clients in a meaningful way.

The Blackstone Lounge is where people connect - it is where the heart and the soul of our firm resides.

Let us introduce you to the Blackstone Lounge.