Human Rights

Over the past several years, news media has seen a steady stream of stories about how human rights conflicts can cost companies money and reputation. Our lawyers at Taylor McCaffrey LLP provide advice to ensure you and your organization understand your rights and obligations.

Related to all facets of human rights, whether related to employment, tenancy, or the provision of services to the public, working with you to take a proactive approach towards preventing human rights problems from arising in your workplace. We can assist with drafting and implementing policies and procedures related to human rights including diversity, anti-harassment, anti-bullying, discrimination and accommodating disabilities, and can provide in-house training.

We also have extensive experience in preparing and responding to human rights complaints. We provide representation for any legal procedures in front of human rights tribunals and in courts in Manitoba and across Canada. We work with you towards effectively resolving human rights complaints, and can also conduct internal investigations, acting as neutral third party investigators, and even engage in mediation and arbitration where needed.

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