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Medical science has steadily improved fertility treatments for the last several decades. This has given hope to individuals and couples who want to conceive a child of their own but require the assistance of third parties and/or assisted reproductive technologies, such as gay and lesbian couples, single parents, and couples struggling with fertility due to medical reasons.

At the same time, these medical advances have created complex legal issues which can be difficult to navigate without the assistance of someone with expertise in this developing area of law.

Our Family Law Department features Manitoba’s leading Fertility & Surrogacy lawyers. With our experience, we can explain to you how the law impacts the choices you can make as you plan to conceive your baby and build your family.

Every situation is unique, but rest assured that our Fertility & Surrogacy lawyers have handled some of the most complex and difficult cases. We advise our clients on how to structure contractual agreements with surrogates, egg donors, embryo donors and sperm donors. Surrogacy and donation is legal in Canada, but it is governed by specific legislation that you need to understand in order to protect your rights as a prospective parent, surrogate or donor.

Our Fertility & Surrogacy lawyers have extensive experience helping intended parents become the legal parents of their children, regardless of how they are conceived. New parents who conceive with the assistance of a surrogate or a donor need to know where they stand after the baby is born. In many cases in Manitoba, prospective parents will need to apply for a declaration of parentage after their child is born. In other cases, adoption may be appropriate. In our experience, it is best to deal with these matters in advance with all parties.

Our Fertility & Surrogacy lawyers also act on behalf of surrogates, helping to ensure their rights are also protected.

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