The framework used to help create condominium corporations and govern condominium properties can be complicated. Condominium owners must consider different declarations, bylaws, rules and policies that regulate how condominium complexes are operated.

Taylor McCaffrey LLP’s lawyers are experts in all matters of condominium operation and work with developers and corporations to prepare the materials required to facilitate the setting up and effective governance of condominium properties.

Registering properties as condominiums falls to the developer or builder, and our legal team can help you create and file the necessary legal documents to form a condominium corporation. These documents include the bylaws and rules that dictate how condominium corporations will govern themselves, how expenses are collected and managed and how the building will be maintained. The Condominium Act of Manitoba specifies which issues can be rules or policies and which are required to be by-laws.

Once the corporation has been established, a condominium board will develop and enforce rules to govern the welfare of residents and protect the property. Disputes over changes in rules can arise; residents may disagree with these changes and refute board decisions. How they manage those disagreements should be considered in all legal documents to ensure residents are capable of self-governance.

Disputes can still occur during or after construction. In these cases, we act on behalf of condominium owners, purchasers, boards and developers bringing our years of experience to the table to advance our clients’ interests.

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