Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a process whereby parties agree that they will not go to Court and will work together with their Professional Team to seek solutions to their issues that will work for each of them and their family.

Our collaboratively trained lawyers are experienced in this process, which centers on providing legal information and helping the parties identify and choose options acceptable to each of them. Parties are further aided in the Collaborative process by relationship coaches, who assist the parties in communicating with each other, in creating parenting plans and in working through other common, but lesser legal issues such as the division of household contents. Financial specialists and child specialists may also be included in the professional team if required.

Once agreements are reached, the lawyers prepare a Separation Agreement which sets out the terms of the Agreement, and can assist the parties in asking the Court to grant a divorce, where required.

Collaborative law is also helpful in assisting parties in reaching an agreement as to terms for a Cohabitation, Prenuptial or Spousal Agreements at the commencement of a relationship.

Our Collaborative lawyers have the experience and knowledge to help a family achieve a successful transition through what is often a difficult time, in a positive and constructive manner.

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