Corporate & Commercial

Our corporate and commercial practice area provides focused services to our business clients.  The services and advice we provide extends to all areas of commercial and corporate activity.

We can assist you in the establishment and acquisition of your business and then provide effective advice to deal with all aspects of running your business.

We will help ensure corporate maintenance and compliance of all regulatory requirements which your business may be subject to.

Our business lawyers work collaboratively with lawyers in other departments to ensure all issues that your business may encounter, including those involving taxation, succession, commercial dispute resolution, intellectual property and employment matters, are effectively and thoughtfully dealt with.

We serve:

  • Small and midsize business owners
  • Partnerships
  • Corporate entities
  • Pension funds
  • Governments
  • Related agencies
  • National and multi-national corporations
  • Professional groups
  • Chartered banks
  • Insurance and trust companies

Corporate and Commercial services:

  • Advising on and negotiating acquisitions and sales of business interests
  • Public and private financing
  • Real property and personal property financing and securitization
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Public and private offerings of securities
  • Intellectual property and technology law
  • Foreign investment
  • Manitoba, Canada and international business arrangements and transactions including sales of goods and services, franchising, leasing, distribution and related corporate filings and activities

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