Agriculture has been one of Manitoba’s primary industries for more than a century.

Arts & Entertainment

We represent companies and individuals in the arts and entertainment industries.


Taylor McCaffrey LLP' s labour and employment lawyers are well equipped to navigate our clients through the newly legalized industry.

Charities & Non-profits

While charities and non-profit organizations require general legal advice, they also have legal issues that are unique to their sector.

Construction & Infrastructure

We represent clients from all parts of the construction industry in a broad range of construction related matters.


The education sector is diverse with a multitude of moving parts. By representing a variety of educational institutions and organizations, our multi-disciplinary team at Taylor McCaffrey LLP has developed expertise in this unique landscape.

Environment & Natural Resources

For mining and mineral companies, every phase of business presents unique challenges. Our legal team at Taylor McCaffrey LLP can assist with those challenges.

Financial Services

Taylor McCaffrey LLP understands business and banking.

Health Care

Health care has grown to become the largest part of the Manitoba provincial budget and a massive part of our economy. Health care facilities require legal advice on a wide range of matters.

Life Sciences

The multi-disciplinary team at Taylor McCaffrey LLP can help you navigate the many legal challenges that industries in Life Sciences face.


Manufacturers and industrial businesses negotiate a constantly evolving competitive and regulatory landscape.

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Our Private Equity & Venture Capital lawyers work to assist our clients access equity and debt financing.

Professional Services

Providers of professional services face increasingly more complex rules, regulations and business challenges in the course of providing outstanding client service.

Provincial & Municipal Government

The demands on provincial and municipal governments are always high.

Public Sector & Crown Corporations

Crown corporations occupy a unique place in our economy.

Small & Midsize Businesses

Small and midsize businesses are the lifeblood of our economy and we have been helping them establish, expand and grow for decades.


New business owners sometimes have difficulties handling legal matters on their own. Often, a simple solution to a potential legal problem already exists. When implemented early, it can save your business time and money.

Technology, Media & Communications

Taylor McCaffrey LLP’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications lawyers take a multi-disciplinary approach to tackling the diverse challenges that tech companies around the world face.