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About Taylor McCaffrey LLP Articling Program

We don't hire students - we hire colleagues. 

As an articling student at Taylor McCaffrey LLP, you can expect:

  • Mentorship, support and guidance from partners, senior counsel, and associates
  • Hands-on participation in  interesting, rewarding and worthwhile work
  • Opportunities for growth and career progression
  • To work directly with clients
  • Competitive Wages
  • Business development and marketing program(s)
  • Transparency and guidance

Our firm has a grassroots history, and we have grown into one of Manitoba’s largest and leading law firms. We are proud of the culture at our firm and have never forgotten our grassroots values – our people, our clients and our community.

We make a considerable effort to recruit excellent students with a view to producing outstanding lawyers. We consider all students who accept our offers of employment as having the potential to be our future partners.

Our goals are long-term – and our investment in mentorship demonstrates our commitment to helping you succeed. We have created a dynamic articling program that is designed around the interests and goals of every person we hire. This system ensures that during your articling year you receive challenging and exciting work in a variety of practice areas to set a strong foundation for your future legal practice.

More About Articling Positions

At Taylor McCaffrey LLP, our goal is to ensure that our articling students receive a broad range of experiences to set the foundation for a solid legal practice. Completing a well-rounded set of articles is essential to a successful articling year, independent of a personal desire to specialize at a later date. Within each rotation, students will have opportunities to work in the firm’s specialized departments, which include Business, Advocacy, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Labour &  Employment, Real Estate & Property Development, Taxation, Technology & Intellectual Property and Wills, Estates and Trust. In addition, from time to time, we offer a dedicated, intensive Family Law Articling Position.

It has been our experience that a key to a successful articling year is regular feedback and support from supervising lawyers. We assign each articling student a principal, as well as a junior mentor, with whom they will meet regularly throughout the year. The principal and mentor will work with the student to ensure that the articling year is a rewarding experience. In addition to regular formal reviews and periodic informal reviews during the articling year, we also meet with our students at the end of each articling year to get their feedback on the articling program in general and any suggestions for improving it.

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We strive wherever possible to provide our articling students with an opportunity to work on files from inception through to conclusion in various areas of law.

Our students are encouraged to gain exposure to as many aspects of the practice as possible and to demonstrate a high degree of personal motivation and self-discipline. The success of the articling year will largely depend on the amount and variety of work they accept. We encourage students to take on as much work as they are able, given the time constraints imposed upon them, but also to make the best use of their time by continually establishing priorities and monitoring workflow. Again, our principals and mentors will meet regularly with their students to assist them in dealing with these issues.

Our articling students spend the first few weeks of their articles in extensive training and orientation aimed at providing each student with a level of comfort and awareness of our administrative systems and research facilities. In addition, members of the firm, including senior and junior lawyers, paralegals and support staff, meet with our new students to provide valuable instruction and insight into many aspects of the practice of law at Taylor McCaffrey LLP. Seminar topics range from how to manage a litigation file or close a commercial purchase transaction to time management and research instruction. Additionally, students have the opportunity early in their articling year to learn the ins and outs of the Courts, the Property Registry, and the Companies Office by assisting our clerk. Each student will receive an orientation handbook which was developed by lawyers of our firm. It is updated yearly based on the feedback we receive from our students.

Completing the Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education (“CPLED”) assignments, attending lectures, seminars and exams is a priority. Many members of the firm have been lecturers in the past and participate in the current CPLED program Taylor McCaffrey LLP ensures that we provide our students with sufficient time to complete necessary tasks and assignments.


Taylor McCaffrey LLP offers a salary comparable with other Winnipeg firms of a similar size. Taylor McCaffrey LLP will also pay your Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education fees.


After three months with Taylor McCaffrey LLP, students are entitled to participate in a comprehensive group insurance plan, which includes the following benefits:

  • Hospital insurance
  • Extended health and dental care
  • Long-term disability
  • Accidental death and dismemberment
  • Group life insurance


Subject to the requirements of the Law Society in respect of the articling year, students are entitled to two weeks paid vacation during their articles.

Seminars and Conferences

Continuing education is highly encouraged so Taylor McCaffrey LLP will pay the registration costs for you to attend certain seminars, conferences and other functions conducted by the Manitoba Bar Association and Law Society of Manitoba during your articling year. Additionally, our commercial, family, litigation, and wills & estates departments regularly hold informal meetings to discuss practice issues and any recent changes in the law.

Call Fees

If we employ you beyond your articling year, we will pay for your call to the Bar. If you remain with the firm after your articling year, we will pay your practicing fees and insurance.

To apply for an Articling Position see our Articling Posting.

Community Involvement

Taylor McCaffrey LLP has a simple philosophy when it comes to the community: be kind and get involved. Whether it is volunteering, sitting on boards, fundraising for worthy causes or sponsoring events – our firm and our lawyers have an ongoing commitment to give back and make the community better and stronger.

Summer Student Program

Taylor McCaffrey LLP has established a program for the hiring of second-year students to work with the firm each summer. The purpose of the summer student program is to give students an opportunity to gain insight into the practice of law as well as what lies ahead for them as articling students. We strive to provide our summer students with exposure to a variety of areas of practice, by assigning the student to a group of lawyers, under the direct supervision of one principal. The principal will be responsible for monitoring both the type and volume of work to ensure that the student’s summer is a rewarding experience.

Salary and benefits provided to our summer students are competitive with those offered by other firms our size. For further details, please contact a member of our Articling Committee

Our Culture

Our firm is focused on fostering excellence and we want you as part of our team. We believe in the premise that in law, your practice is only limited by the scope of your vision. Our firm values its people. Our collaborative culture has allowed us to grow into one of Manitoba’s largest and leading law firms.

At Taylor McCaffrey LLP, we view your summer position as the next step in your legal career. Our goals are simple: to educate and to train strong future articling students, associates and partners.

Your Best Step Toward Your Future

We create a Summer Program that is designed around each student that we hire – taking into account each student’s interests and goals. We assign a partner to act as your mentor and to guide you through your summer position and create a diverse team of practitioners to participate in your development. This system ensures that you receive challenging and interesting work in a variety of areas to set a strong foundation for your summering position and future legal practice.

We hope you can see yourself as a part of our team.


Current Articling Students

Please feel free to contact any of our present students above to discuss their articling experience. They have been encouraged by us to be candid in any conversations with you concerning Taylor McCaffrey LLP and the articling process.

Student Committee Chair

Jessica Schofield (Chair)

Phone: 204.988.0321

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