Advocacy, Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Our strength is advocacy. Our lawyers are accomplished litigators who have successfully represented clients before all levels of court in Manitoba, other jurisdictions (within Canada and internationally) and before the Supreme Court of Canada. 

Effective advocacy matters. Whenever possible, our litigation partners and associates try to resolve our clients' issues outside of Court, to achieve the most practical, timely and satisfactory results for our clients. Our lawyers are skilled negotiators, and our combined experience in alternative dispute resolution processes allows us to serve our clients quickly and effectively.

If litigation proves necessary, our experienced advocates will persuasively advance our clients' interests before the Courts. Our lawyers are highly regarded for their knowledge, extensive preparation and advocacy skills.  We aim to achieve the best possible results for our clients every time we step into a Courtroom. We recognize that the stakes are high, and our experienced advocates are there to guide our clients through every step of the proceedings.

Our lawyers are also exceptional appellate advocates. We have conducted various administrative appeals, and have successfully argued cases before the Court of Appeal in Manitoba, the Federal Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of Canada, including some of the most significant, precedent-setting cases in the country.

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