Adoption & Guardianship

Adopting a child can be a joy-filled experience, but it also brings with it a certain level of legal complexity. The lawyers in Taylor McCaffrey LLP’s Family Law Department have demonstrated their knowledge and expertise serving adoptive families of all kinds. We counsel both prospective parents as well as birth parents placing their children up for adoption.

In Manitoba, there are seven basic types of adoption:

  • Adoption of permanent wards,
  • Private adoption,
  • International adoption,
  • De facto adoption,
  • Extended family adoption,
  • Adoption of a step-child, and
  • Adoption of an adult.

We help our clients navigate the adoption process.

We will provide you with objective and informed explanations of the various adoption methods available and help you develop a plan that suits your family. This includes making sure you understand your rights and how various laws may impact you.

In addition to working with prospective parents to complete adoptions, we also advise adult adoptees and birth parents of their rights with respect to accessing pre-adoption records. This can help adult adoptees and birth parents reunite in some cases.

We also help foster parents and extended family members explore their options for legal guardianship of a child or children in their care. Our Family Department lawyers have experience assisting foster parents and extended family members with guardianship applications in various circumstances, including where the child is a permanent ward.

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