Life Sciences

The multi-disciplinary team at Taylor McCaffrey LLP can help you navigate the many legal challenges that industries in Life Sciences face.

We understand the unique and diverse nature of Life Sciences. Manitoba’s Life Sciences industries are constantly growing; it is a bedrock of innovation and research with a range of companies from start-ups to big agricultural organizations. The diverse Life Sciences sub-industries that can be found in Manitoba include agriculture and food sciences, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cannabis, veterinary sciences, medical devices, and natural health products.

The diverse nature of Life Sciences involves specialized expertise for protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights, understanding evolving government regulations, and differing tax and business laws across sub-industries and jurisdictions. We help all stakeholders in Life Sciences industries including distributors, manufacturers, retailers, academic bodies, and research organizations.


  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Nutraceuticals companies
  • Agriculture companies
  • Food science
  • Medical device suppliers
  • Natural health products

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