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Having grown from two small firms, Taylor McCaffrey LLP is a full-service team of more than 55 lawyers practicing in every industry across over 80 practice areas.

Taylor McCaffrey LLP is actively involved in several legal and business communities, with global networks that allow our firm to compete nationally while remaining locally-focused. Learn More about our Global Connections.

Our focus remains in Winnipeg and Manitoba, in practice and community involvement. Taylor McCaffrey LLP has a simple philosophy when it comes to the community, be kind and get involved. Our lawyers have an ongoing commitment to give back and make the community better and stronger through volunteering, board positions, fundraising for worthy causes and sponsoring events.

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Our firm has a grassroots history, and we have grown into one of Manitoba’s largest and leading law firms. We are proud of the culture at our firm and have never forgotten our grassroots values — our people, our clients and our community.

We make a considerable effort to recruit excellent students with a view to producing outstanding lawyers. We consider all students who accept our offers of employment as having the potential to be our future partners.

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Our firm is focused on fostering excellence and we want you as part of our team. We believe in the premise that in law, your practice is only limited by the scope of your vision. Our firm values its people. Our collaborative culture has allowed us to grow into one of Manitoba’s leading law firms.

At Taylor McCaffrey LLP, we view your summer position as the next step in your legal career. Our goals are simple: to educate and to train strong future articling students, associates and partners.

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At Taylor McCaffrey LLP we are focused on providing our clients with the expertise they need from people who excel in their field. We know that our ability to meet the needs of our clients relies on hiring and retaining friendly, knowledgeable and professional team members. Our support staff who have the opportunity to work with the best lawyers in the industry include:

  • Legal Assistants
  • Paralegals
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • IT
  • Services Team

Taylor McCaffrey LLP provides a culture that encourages work-life balance, teamwork and opportunities to develop a career in the legal field. Some of the benefits that we offer include:

  • Competitive salaries
  • Insurance programs for you and your family including Health and Dental, Life Insurance, Disability Coverage
  • Retirement savings programs including a group RRSP savings plan and a pension plan
  • Vacation eligibility starting at 3 weeks
  • Health and wellness reimbursement
  • Health and Wellness Committee focused on planning activities centered on your health
  • Service Awards
  • Lunch & Learn seminars on topics of general interest throughout the year
  • Early Fridays over the summer months
  • Firm events such as our annual Call to Bar celebration and Adult/Kids Holiday Parties
  • Ecopass discounts
  • Opportunities to volunteer in the community and on firm committees

Our environment has also been designed with our staff in mind. We consulted with our staff to create our space which includes features such as:

  • Natural light extending to all office areas
  • A classroom for staff development training
  • Our Blackstone Lounge that provides opportunities for firm members to relax and enjoy the company of their colleagues
  • Sit/stand desks with dual monitors and adjustable chairs and generous work surfaces and desk scanners facilitating efficient work processes and comfort
  • Quiet rooms for taking a break
  • Collaboration areas to allow for small group interactions

If you are looking for an opportunity to excel in your career working with people that value each other and the clients they serve, then we encourage you to take a closer look at what Taylor McCaffrey LLP has to offer.

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Accessibility Policy


The Accessibility for Manitobans Act requires employers to establish and implement measures, policies and practices to reasonably accommodate employees and potential employees who are or may personally be disabled, or be impacted by barriers in the workplace.

Taylor McCaffrey is committed to being accessible to our current and potential firm members regardless of whether they personally have disabilities, or for whom some element of our workplace may create a barrier. Our goal is to reasonably accommodate disabilities, and remove barriers in our workplace.

Our measures, policies and practices reflect principles of dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity for those with disabilities or facing barriers.


This Policy is applicable to all partners, associates, articling students, summer students, support staff (collectively, firm members) as well as potential firm members.


Taylor McCaffrey LLP supports all firm members and applicants by providing reasonable accommodations in the workplace. Anyone may make a verbal or written request to Human Resources and/or Management Committee for an individualized accommodation plan.

Taylor McCaffrey LLP is committed to complying with The Accessibility for Manitobans Act and this Policy, and will ensure that employment related practices and policies are consistent with the principles of dignity, independence, access, integration and equal opportunity for people with disabilities. In addition, the Firm will ensure compliance with our obligations to make reasonable accommodations to the point of undue hardship under The Human Rights Code.

Firm Member Responsibilities

Firm members and prospective firm members will adhere to the requirements of this Policy and participate and cooperate in all areas within the scope of this Policy.

Firm members will participate and cooperate in the accommodation process by:

  • Providing related information and taking part in assessments, if requested by the firm;
  • Complying with the individualized accommodation plan;
  • Offering ongoing feedback related to modifications, including whether an accommodation is no longer required.

Firm members and potential firm members are encouraged to provide feedback about this Policy.

Partner/Management Responsibilities

The Management Committee together with Human Resources will:

  • Ensure that all persons within the scope of this Policy are informed about their responsibilities.
  • Monitor and enforce the terms of this Policy.
  • Human Resources will provide advice, guidance and assistance to Management Committee throughout the process, and inform management of their responsibilities.
  • Human Resources will assume primary responsibility for participation in the accommodation process.
  • Management Committee will be sensitive to how performance is managed, including through discipline, to ensure it is free of discriminatory conduct.
  • Management Committee will not tie a firm member’s accommodation needs to performance assessments.
  • As owners, partners may be required to cover in whole or part the cost of certain accommodations they themselves require.



Applicants will be informed during the selection process that reasonable accommodations to the point of undue hardship are available, and we respond appropriately to requests for accommodation.

  • Recruitment material (written or oral) will indicate that reasonable accommodations are available upon request and will be available in alternative formats (such as large print, recorded audio, electronic format or braille) upon request.
  • When making interview arrangements, applicants will be informed that reasonable accommodations are available during the assessment and selection processes.
  • We will seek advice from applicants on how best to accommodate their needs and we will reasonably accommodate those the point of undue hardship.

Selected applicants will be informed of our measures, policies and practices for accommodating firm members with disabilities, and removing barriers in our workplace.

  • All offers of employment will include a statement to the effect of “Taylor McCaffrey LLP will be pleased to reasonably accommodate disabilities to the point of undue hardship”. Our Accessible Employment Policy is available on our intranet site.
  • Information regarding workplace accommodations will be included in our new firm member orientation materials.
  • Where a new firm member requests accommodation, or identifies a barrier, Human Resources will consult with the individual to determine the appropriate accommodation.


Taylor McCaffrey LLP will keep firm members informed about our accommodation and accessibility measures, policies and practices in ways that are easy to access. This includes posting on our internal site, public website or on social media, though newsletters, blogs, memos, internal emails, physical posting in high traffic areas, and during internal meetings.

Individualized Accommodation Plans

Accommodation Requests – Firm member requests for accommodation should be provided orally or in writing to Human Resources. The request will be assessed and possible accommodations considered on an individual basis.

  • Human Resources will provide reasonable, individualized and documented accommodation plans for firm members with disabilities as necessary.
  • Human Resources will consult with a firm member to identify the accessible formats or communication supports needed when providing information to them and ensure as we reasonably can, that identified accessible formats or communication supports are used when providing information to the firm member.
  • Human Resources may request that the firm member provide documentation from a qualified health professional who supports the need for the accommodation.
  • The Firm may also request, and cover costs for, an evaluation by an independent qualified health professional or other practitioner in the area of workplace accommodations for firm members with disabilities.
  • Firm members may request assistance with developing the accommodation plan, including by assistance from another person who is knowledgeable about workplace accommodations for firm members with disabilities.

Taylor McCaffrey LLP will provide a written copy of the accommodation plan, or a written  explanation for denying the request to introduce a plan, in a format and with any communication support to meet the needs of the firm member. Requests for accommodation may be denied for the following reasons:

  • The firm member is able to carry out most of the job without an accommodation;
  • The independent qualified health professional(s) does not support the firm member’s self-assessed requirement for a workplace accommodation;
  • Firm research and evidence shows that the accommodation request would cause undue hardship (e.g. by creating safety risks to other firm members or a significant measurable financial burden).

The individualized accommodation plan may include:

  • Accessible formats and communication supports, if requested;
  • Workplace emergency response information, if required;
  • Details of how and when any other accommodations will be provided;
  • When the plan will be reviewed by Human Resources and/or Management Committee.

Updated plans may be required when: the firm member’s workspace is modified or relocated; responsibilities have changed; other workplace changes have occurred that affect the accommodation; or the firm member requests a review.

Performance Impact

Performance management processes will account for temporary or permanent disability accommodations, the individual’s accommodation plan and workplace barriers.

  • Regular follow up with new firm members will include discussion regarding accommodation plans and assistance required (if any, during emergencies), changes or modification to plans.
  • Where firm members do not follow this Policy or meet expectations, timely feedback including spoken and/or written warnings in keeping with the Firm’s Performance Management Policy will be implemented.

Career Development, Training, Internal Advancement and Reassignment

When providing career development, training or opportunities for internal advancement or reassignment, Human Resources will ensure the process for recruiting and selecting candidates takes into account:

  • That the firm member may be temporarily or permanently disabled or impacted by one or more barriers in the workplace;
  • The firm member’s individualized accommodation plan;
  • The possibility that the workplace accommodation provided for a firm member with a disability or who is facing a barrier may not fully address the challenge.

Return to Work Processes

Information regarding accommodations for those who are or have been absent due to a disability and require reasonable accommodations can be found in our Workplace Accommodation Policy.

  • Taylor McCaffrey LLP will work with benefit carriers and the firm member’s medical care team to ensure meaningful and productive modified or alternate duties are safe and within the firm member’s functional abilities, and will provide flexible and tailored return to work plans to meet the firm member’s needs.
  • Firm members who have been absent from work or who seek an accommodation shall (on request) provide Human Resources and/or Management Committee with a Functional Abilities Form completed by an appropriate caregiver indicating the restrictions, and any requested accommodations. Human Resources and/or Management Committee in consultation with the firm member and others as required, shall determine any reasonable accommodations to be put in place so as to allow for the return to work without imposing undue hardship.

Emergency Response

All firm members are informed about emergency response guidelines upon hire and on an annual basis. Where needed, firm members are provided with specific emergency response plans that meet their needs including access to a designated able bodied assistant who, with consent, is aware of the specific requirements of the individual(s) they are assisting. Plans are reviewed as needed but at a minimum on an annual basis or when changes occur that may impact plans.


We protect the privacy and confidentiality of firm member’s personal information and personal health information. We only collect, use, and disclose information as required for the purposes of this Policy unless otherwise agreed to by the firm member. Information is kept in secured files which are only accessible by Human Resources and/or Management Committee on a ‘need to know’ basis.


Firm members are provided with appropriate training on how to accommodate firm members with disabilities. Training may include but is not limited to: how to make employment opportunities accessible, how to interact and communicate with applicants or firm members who face barriers, how to use assistive devices or assist those accompanied by a support person or service animal, and overviews of The Accessibility for Manitobans Act, The Human Rights Code, the Accessible Employment Standard Regulation, etc. Training records are kept by our Learning and Development Coordinator.

Written Records of Accessibility

Records of related policies and training are available upon request and provided in a format that is accessible for the user at no cost. The public will have access to policies on our website, in social media or in newsletters.


Thank you for joining us at Taylor McCaffrey LLP.

How we interact with our clients and our community is important to us and we sincerely hope that we met your needs.

Your feedback about your visit matters and will help us make adjustments to improve the quality of service, and make us as accessible as we reasonably can be.

If you have feedback for us, please provide that by one of the following methods:

  • By regular mail: Submitted to:

Accessibility Coordinator

Taylor McCaffrey LLP

2200 – 201 Portage Avenue

Winnipeg, MB R3B 3L3

  • Electronically: Email us at:

  • By telephone: Call 204-949-1312 and ask to speak with our Accessibility Coordinator.