Cooperatives are corporate entities governed by specific legislation that supports the vision of the seven cooperative principles which can be found here. 

Taylor McCaffrey LLP boasts lawyers with specific and detailed legal knowledge of coops, who can advise clients interested in exploring this alternative corporate structure for any type of business, including worker coops, housing coops, producer and consumer coops, and multi-stakeholder or new generation coops. We can assist cooperatives through all phases of development, including incorporation, drafting by-laws, raising capital, qualifying for tax credits, addressing member or stakeholder issues, and more. We assist cooperative development professionals at the federal, provincial and municipal level in developing cooperative models for all industries.

Our lawyers are familiar with the seven principles of cooperatives, and some of our lawyers actively participate in the coop model, by being members and directors of coops.

We have successfully helped create and incorporate consumer, producer, worker, housing and multi-stakeholder coops in Manitoba, and we specialize in assisting with more complex fact scenarios. For instance, Taylor McCaffrey LLP completed the first amalgamation of a corporation into a cooperative, and helped to establish a for-profit housing cooperative.

If you are interested in forming a coop, or if you are involved in a coop and need advice on any topic, let us help you in the creation, development and governance of your organization to ensure that the cooperative model is the best possible fit and that all aspects of your business model are critically evaluated to ensure success.

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