Personal Tax & Wealth Management

Our lawyers work with a variety of clients, including small business owners, physicians, dentists and other professionals, and high net worth individuals and their families, to develop strategies to protect and preserve their wealth and minimize taxes during their lifetime and on death.

We meet with clients and collaborate with their other advisors to understand their wishes and priorities in order to develop and implement their personal tax and wealth management plans. This may include the use of multiple wills, various trusts (including testamentary trusts, inter vivos trusts, and bare trusts), rights of survivorship, domestic agreements, and powers of attorney.

Our lawyers also provide advice to donors and high net worth individuals in relation to their personal philanthropy and planned giving to registered charities.  Whether a client chooses to create a private foundation or to make a charitable gift through a Will, our lawyers can help.

We work closely with lawyers in other departments at our firm to ensure that our clients benefit from expertise in other specialized areas such as Family Law, Elder Law or Business and Real Estate Law.  Our goal is to create a comprehensive and reliable tax planning strategy that meets your objectives.

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