Taylor McCaffrey LLP Startup Packages

By Taylor McCaffrey LLP on 2015/11/23

With your custom startup package, you will receive advice, documentation and filings prepared by a highly-regarded team of lawyers at an agreed upon and affordable price. It all starts with one hour of free consultation to assess your needs and create your own customized package of legal services. You will then receive a quote based on the legal services package that is specific to your business.

Taylor McCaffrey LLP has been providing advice and solutions for businesses in Manitoba for over 35 years. The Entrepreneurial Services Team at Taylor McCaffrey LLP can anticipate problems that can arise and help prevent them so your startup can survive and succeed.

Startup packages

All workshops held at Taylor McCaffrey LLP Blackstone Lounge & Patio.

Services of Taylor McCaffrey LLP are available only to its clients who the firm has agreed in writing to represent. The firm may decline to represent a prospective client for any reason, including for example that the proposed representation may create a conflict of interest with an existing client of the firm.

Fixed fees due prior to the commencement of work unless other payment arrangements are made. The services provided under the packages are limited solely to those enumerated above and must be consumed within 12 months after initiation of our representation.