Purchasing Your Ontario Cottage

By Taylor McCaffrey LLP on August 21, 2015

While not all cottages are alike, the following information is intended to give you a summary of the general and typical steps involved in your cottage purchase and the costs involved.

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TM@Work – Summer 2015 Issue

By Administrator on July 10, 2015

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Occupational Health and Safety

By Administrator on June 26, 2015

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Our Occupational Health and Safety lawyers are well versed in the obligations imposed by the Workplace Safety and Health Act, Canada Labour Code Part II, and workplace safety criminal negligence provisions of the Criminal Code, and are experienced in assisting organizations of all types and sizes to avoid difficulties in the occupational health and safety regulatory regime.

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Wills and Estates Planning Form

By Kristen Wittman on May 4, 2015

In order to properly advise you, we require certain information.

Please complete the attached forms in as much detail as possible.  If there is insufficient space on this form, please attach additional pages as required. This information is being gathered by your advisors solely for the purpose of assisting you with an estate plan.  It will be kept strictly confidential.  All information you supply will be assumed to be accurate.  No attempt will be made to confirm or verify this information.


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Personal Representatives Duties: Checklist

By Kristen Wittman on May 4, 2015

The following is a checklist to assist you in beginning your tasks as Executor or Administrator of an estate.  This will assist you in determining the extent of the deceased’s assets, and the extent of your duties.  Once you have attended to these matters, it is recommended that you contact a lawyer to help you establish your legal authority and determine your responsibilities.

Personal Representative's Duties

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Wills & Estates: Did You Know?

By Kristen Wittman on May 4, 2015

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In Manitoba, it is not necessary to have a will.  However, your assets have to be distributed after you die, and without a will, the government sets the rules.  Without a will, your assets will be transferred to your most immediate relation, which may be contrary to your wishes.

With a will, you can direct where you want your money to go, and to whom.  You can also appoint an Executor.  An Executor is someone you trust who will ensure that your assets are properly distributed after your death.

This document outlines some more good reasons.


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Occupational Health and Safety

By Administrator on April 10, 2015

Recent amendments to the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act and Regulations and the Criminal Code have expanded the scope of corporate and individual criminal liability for workplace accidents and injuries. All businesses must protect themselves against workplace accidents and their costly and time-consuming repercussions.

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2015 – CDEM – Sociétés en nom collectif

By Alain Laurencelle on January 27, 2015

Les sociétés en nom collectif.

Atelier de formation pour dirigeants de petites ou moyennes entreprises.

Bref aperçu des sociétés en nom collectif – Les avantages et désavantages des sociétés en commandite  et sociétés à responsabilité limitée.

Autres sujets abordés incluent l’imposition des sociétés en nom collectif, la protection contre les créanciers et l’assurance responsabilité civile.

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Personal Representative’s Duties

By Administrator on December 11, 2014

Personal Representative's Duties Header ImageThe property of a deceased is placed in the hands of a trustee, known as a personal representative. A personal representative is called an executor, when there is a Will, or an administrator when there is no Will.

The obligations of an executor arise from the moment of death. A person is not obliged to accept a position as an executor even if named in a Will. An executor can renounce this role but must do so before making any decisions regarding the deceased’s estate.

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Rights of a Beneficiary Under a Will

By Administrator on December 11, 2014

Benficiary Rights Under a Will Header ImageThere are a number of things an Executor must do before he can distribute assets.

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