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Do you have a brand you are seeking to legally protect?

By Taylor McCaffrey LLP on June 11, 2018

Trade-mark agent Manitoba

Are you a new business with a preliminary marketing strategy or an established business looking to re-brand its look and feel for consumers? If so, seeking legal protection for your proposed or current trade-marks may be a consideration in your…

Q & A With the Winnipeg Chamber: Legal issues when buying a Manitoba business

By Dan Ransom on February 15, 2018

selling a business in mantioba

Deciding to buy a business is a high stakes moment for entrepreneurs, with legal ramifications as well as lifestyle changes, financial commitments and a wide array of other issues. The Winnipeg Chamber sat down with Dan Ransom, associate at Taylor McCaffrey…

Q&A With The Winnipeg Chamber: Transgender employees and Manitoba workplaces

By Cynthia Lazar on September 25, 2017

This summer saw Winnipeggers take to the streets for the first time in a Transgender March and Rally as part of Pride – a sign of increasing efforts to bring political and public attention to trans rights. Cynthia Lazar an Associate at Taylor McCaffrey…

Exclusion of Medical Marijuana From Benefits Plan Contrary to Human Rights Act

By Cynthia Lazar on September 25, 2017

In Skinner v Board of Trustees of the Canadian Elevator Industry Welfare Trust Fund, 2017 CanLII 3240, the Nova Scotia Human Rights Board of Inquiry had to determine whether the Board of Trustees of his employee benefits fund violated Mr. Skinner’s rights under…