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The Difference between Trademark, Trade-mark and Trade Mark

By Taylor McCaffrey LLP on July 26, 2018


If you have filed trademarks in different countries around the world, or stay up to date on Intellectual Property news, you may have noticed that different countries/organizations use different spellings when referring to trademarks.

Accommodation of Mental Health Issues and Safety of Others in the Workplace; Finding the Balance

By Jeff Palamar on July 23, 2018

mental health in the workplace

Reasonable accommodation to the point of undue hardship as required by human rights legislation is all about compromises.  Often there is a legal requirement for employers to compromise with lessened productivity or by paying more to get the work done. …

Taylor McCaffrey is Proud to Support the 2018 Pink Ribbon Ladies Golf Tournament.

By Taylor McCaffrey LLP on July 10, 2018

Taylor McCaffrey was pleased to once again sponsor the 2018 Pink Ribbon Ladies Golf Classic for Hope. The Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Pink Ribbon Ladies Golf Classic For Hope is an annual fundraising event for CancerCare Manitoba Breast and Gyne…

Can staff light up at work?

By Taylor McCaffrey LLP on July 4, 2018

Taylor McCaffrey LLP lawyer Jamie Jurczak, who specializes in workplace and human rights law at Taylor McCaffrey LLP, says cannabis is like other regulated substances, such as alcohol and tobacco. “But for some reason or other, some people seem to think that cannabis will be treated differently,”…