An interview with Taylor McCaffrey’s Jamie Jurczak about workplace safety

By on 2017/05/15

Jamie Jurczak, a partner at Taylor McCaffrey LLP, was interviewed on CJOB in February for Bold Radio, the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce’s radio show.

CJOB’s Richard Cloutier interviewed Jamie about workplace safety laws in Manitoba, and the legal obligations companies have to their employees. Jamie’s practice has a focus on occupational health and safety matters, and she is very experienced in the area of labour and employment law, as well as civil litigation, and financial servicing and restructuring cases.

In the interview, Jamie says the “devil is in the details,” when it comes to employee workplace safety and health, and explains why it’s the employers’ job to show they did their due diligence to protect workers. Listen in to Jamie’s interview and learn more about how consulting a lawyer can keep your employees safe (most importantly), and your company out of trouble.



Jamie Jurczak

Jamie is experienced in all facets of management-side labour and employment law, and an experienced civil litigator. Jamie’s practice has a focus on occupational health and safety matters. Read Jamie’s full bio here.

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