Frank Lavitt presented with special honour at Chai Folk Ensemble showcase

By Taylor McCaffrey LLP on 2017/06/07

The Sarah Sommer Chai Folk Ensemble is performing Ancient Roads at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre on June 7, 2017. This event will not only showcase the best of Israeli dance and music Winnipeg, and North America has to offer, but also will honour one of Taylor McCaffrey’s partners.

Frank Lavitt (head of Taylor McCaffrey Tax Department), and his wife Ahava Halpern, are being honoured for their leadership and dedication to keeping the Chai Folk Ensemble thriving. Ahava once danced in the Sarah Sommer Chai Folk Ensemble, and the couple is described as “pivotal cornerstones of a community of fans, donors, and sponsors that keep Chai thriving,” in an article by

Founded in 1964 by the late Sarah Sommer, Winnipeg’s Chai Folk Ensemble is North America’s oldest and largest Israeli folk dance ensemble.

Lawyers from Taylor McCaffrey LLP will be in attendance to join the Chai Folk Ensemble in congratulating Ahava Halpern and Frank Lavitt for their contributions to the community.

Join us in celebrating Frank Lavitt, and support Winnipeg’s Chai Folk Ensemble, by donating here.