Why every week is “Will Week” at Taylor McCaffrey

By Taylor McCaffrey LLP on 2017/04/24

Will Week, April 24 to 28, is a reminder to all about the importance of having our affairs in order, our wishes met, and our families are taken care of in the case that you pass away.

Whether it’s your first time considering drafting a will or you have questions about your current will, Taylor McCaffrey’s  Wills, Estates & Trusts department can help.

We have 18 experienced lawyers at both the partner and associate levels with experience in these areas. Together, the Wills, Estates & Trusts department has years of practice. Our lawyers can help with simple legal matters, such as ownership of assets, to more complex cases, such as trusts designed to protect special needs beneficiaries and planning for blended families.

This week, the Winnipeg Foundation is offering free public presentations on the importance of wills and estate planning. Though education is helpful, it is just as important to get a professional’s help when drafting your documents.

Incapacity planning, naming healthcare decision makers, keeping the peace in second families situation and cross-border issues are just a few of the considerations that come into play as part of an estate plan. There are dozens of laws in Manitoba that may affect the outcome of your will, and our lawyers keep up to date on all of them so that they can advise you appropriately.

Hiring a lawyer helps you ensure that your Will will actually do what you intend it to do. It also be essential the more complicated your case is. It’s good to have peace of mind that your estate has been set up to your liking.

Will Week is a collaboration between The Winnipeg Foundation, The Manitoba Bar Association and the Public Guardian and Trustee of Manitoba. Taylor McCaffrey also offers some helpful resources on our website pertaining to the areas of Wills, Estates and Trusts that are free to access and use. Check out the Wills and Estates Planning Form  or test your knowledge with our wills “Did you Know” .

Please contact any one of our Wills, Estates and Trusts lawyers at Taylor McCaffrey, to get started with us today.

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