Do you have a brand you are seeking to legally protect?

By Taylor McCaffrey LLP on 2018/06/11

Trade-mark agent Manitoba Are you a new business with a preliminary marketing strategy or an established business looking to re-brand its look and feel for consumers?

If so, seeking legal protection for your proposed or current trade-marks may be a consideration in your long-term strategic goals.

Sam A. Gabor of Taylor McCaffrey LLP in Winnipeg, Manitoba is a Canadian Registered Trade-mark Agent and Lawyer. He appreciates that branding, advertising and marketing can be important for business success, especially with the progress of social media and continuing evolution of globalization. Sam can help guide different forms of businesses from start-ups to corporate institutions when selecting, applying for and protecting their trade-marks.

In 2019, extensive changes in the Canadian trade-mark regime will likely be coming into force. Sam can explain these changes and their implications to you.

If you are seeking guidance with respect to trade-marks, please feel free to contact Sam A. Gabor at (204) 988-0346 or