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Attention All Federally Regulated Employers – Your World “Just” Got More Complicated

By Ryan Savage, Jeff Palamar on September 20, 2016

The Supreme Court of Canada recently issued a significant decision impacting federally regulated employers. In Wilson v. Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, the Supreme Court confirmed that employees covered by Division XIV of the Canada Labour Code (the “Code”) have…

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Differences Between Decertification and Certification: More Than Just The First Two Letters

By Ken Dolinsky, Ryan Savage on June 29, 2016

Decertification vs. Certification In Manitoba, the rules are strict regarding an application to cancel the certificate of a union, commonly referred to as “decertification.” The same rules apply if there is a collective agreement after an employer voluntarily recognizes a…

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Employees in Manitoba Eligible for Domestic Violence Leave

By Peter Mueller on June 29, 2016

Beginning on June 1, 2016, certain employees in Manitoba will be eligible for domestic violence leave under The Employment Standards Code. To be eligible for the leave, an employee must meet certain requirements, including that the employee is a victim…

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Manitoba Bar Association Mid-Winter Awards – 2016 Pro Bono Award

By Taylor McCaffrey LLP on January 22, 2016

Taylor McCaffrey would like to congratulate John A. Myers and Elizabeth Mitchell. John and Elizabeth were presented with the 2016 Pro Bono Award, at the 2016 Manitoba Bar Association Mid-Winter Awards Luncheon for their work persuading the provincial government to overturn…

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Taylor McCaffrey LLP Startup Packages

By Taylor McCaffrey LLP on November 23, 2015

With your custom startup package, you will receive advice, documentation and filings prepared by a highly-regarded team of lawyers at an agreed upon and affordable price. It all starts with one hour of free consultation to assess your needs and…

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“Let’s Talk About Sex”: Workplace Indecencies and Indiscretions – Best Practices for Canadian Colleges and Universities

By Taylor McCaffrey LLP on November 10, 2015

  This webinar brings together management-side labour and employment lawyers from across Canada who will address one of the most pressing issues facing education employers today: sexual indecencies and indiscretions in the workplace. These types of on-campus offences unfortunately tend…

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Employer v. Contractor: The Manitoba Distinction

By Jamie Jurczak on October 9, 2015

In Manitoba, as in other jurisdictions, OHS laws set out various safety duties and obligations for those performing particular roles in a workplace, such as employers, workers, supervisors, owners or prime contractors. Manitoba’s Workplace Safety and Health Act (“WSHA”) also…

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Domestic Violence Is a Workplace Issue

By Jamie Jurczak, Peter Mueller on August 12, 2015

As published on OHS Insider: February 25, 2015  “Do we need to address domestic violence in our violence prevention policy?” This question often comes up when we’re contacted by clients to advise them on workplace violence prevention. Many employers are…

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Beyond Testing: Responding to Drugs or Alcohol in the Workplace with Due Diligence in the Mix

By Jamie Jurczak, Peter Mueller on August 10, 2015

Introduction[1]   When one thinks about the issue of drugs and alcohol in the workplace, especially in an occupational health and safety context, one’s mind is likely to drift to the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in Communications, Energy and…

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Manitoba Amends Workers Compensation Act to Allow for Presumptive PTSD Coverage

By Jamie Jurczak on July 5, 2015

On June 30, 2015, Bill 35 was passed by the Manitoba provincial government amending the Workers Compensation Act (the “Act”) to have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) considered a presumptive workplace injury to any worker who experiences a PTSD-triggering event while on the job in Manitoba.

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