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Purchasing a Condominium

By Administrator on August 31, 2015

condo cover picture Buying and owning a condominium is different than buying a house because with a house you are the sole owner but with a condo you have shared ownership in which each owner holds the title to a specific unit and has a share of common elements (e.g. lobby, roof, elevator, parking lot/garage).

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Purchasing Your Ontario Cottage

By Taylor McCaffrey LLP on August 21, 2015

While not all cottages are alike, the following information is intended to give you a summary of the general and typical steps involved in your cottage purchase and the costs involved.

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Purchasing of a Home

By Taylor McCaffrey LLP on September 16, 2014

There are a number of items that are to be included in the calculation of closing costs.

This newsletter’s information is intended to give the purchaser of a standard single family residence a better understanding of costs involved in his or her purchase. Should you be purchasing a condominium, there are some additional items involved which can be discussed further by contacting the lawyer referred hereto.

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