Can you discipline an employee for absenteeism?

By Taylor McCaffrey LLP on 2017/05/17

Employers to learn about legal issues from lawyers at Employment Law Alliance Conference

Can you discipline an employee for absenteeism? That’s one of the questions Jeff Palamar, a partner at Taylor McCaffrey LLP, will be addressing at the Employment Law Alliance North American Client Conference in Toronto on May 17, 2017 at Hazelton Manor.

Palamar, is a labour and employment lawyer and a member of the Employment Law Alliance, the world’s most comprehensive network of labour and employment attorneys. He has been recognized since 2008 by his peers in labour and employment law in Best Lawyers in Canada.

Palamar will be on the first panel of the day discussing topics related to attendance management and accessing medical information, along with Nancy Barteaux (partner, Barteaux Burnford, Atlantic Canada), and Chantel Kassongo (joint venture partner, Neuman Thompson, Alberta). The panel will be moderated by Erin Kuzz (partner, Sherrard Kuzz LLP, Ontario), and will discuss topics such as:

● Culpable and non-culpable absences – are they treated differently?
● When may employers terminate or discipline based on absenteeism?
● What health information is an employer entitled to? How do they get access to it?
● How far does the duty to accommodate require an employer to go?
● What are the obligations of employees and trade unions in the accommodation process?
● Tips to reduce absenteeism

The Employment Law Alliance’s network of lawyers provides a smarter, more efficient and effective way to handle legal matters without going to a multistate or multinational law firm.

The theme of the conference is “Issues for Employers Operating in Canada: Recent Legal Developments, Practical Pointers, and Effective Risk Mitigation Strategies.” Top lawyers from Canada and the United States will provide a legal update and will focus on the last year’s most pressing labour and employment law issues.

In-person attendance is sold out, but you can attend the Employment Law Alliance’s North American Client Conference virtually, and learn more about risk mitigation, legal developments, and get some practical advice that pertains to employers operating in Canada.

If you have a question about labour and employment law for your business, contact one of our labour and employment lawyers today.

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