Adoption in Manitoba

By Robynne Kazina on 2015/07/21

adoption image baby and adult handAdoptions in Manitoba are governed by The Adoption Act. There are certain categories of Adoption which each require their special procedure. The categories of adoption are:

Division 1: Adoption of a permanent wards

Division 2: Private adoptions

Division 3: Intercountry adoptions

Division 4: De facto adoptions

Division 5: Extended family adoptions

Division 6: Adoption by a spouse or common law partner of a child’s parent

Division 7: Adoption of an adult

Under the Adoption Act agencies are established to facilitate private adoptions. The private adoption agencies in Manitoba are Adoption Options, CAFAC (Canadian Advocate for the Adoption of Children), and UAS Eastern European Adoption Inc.

The central adoption registry and post adoption registry is maintained by the Director of Child and Family Services There have been recent legislative changes to The Adoption Act and The Vital Statistics Act to make records more open.

This new legislation came into effect in Manitoba on June 15th, 2015. Unless there has been a Disclosure veto filed, now adult adoptees and birth parents can apply for access to identifying information if available.  Under the previous Manitoba law, only adoptees born after records were partially opened in 1999 can access their pre-adoption information.

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