Challenging Assisted Reproduction Laws of Manitoba

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Challenging Assisted Reproduction Laws of Manitoba

Updated July 23, 2020

Robynne Kazina speaks to Global NEWS, CBC and Winnpeg Free Press, about parentage laws and filing a constitutional challenge towards the outdated assisted reproduction laws currently in place.

Manitoba’s current legislation is outdated, unconstitutional, and discriminatory against same-sex couples and couples experiencing infertility.

Under the current Manitoba legislation, when a child is born through assisted reproduction, the intended parents often have to go through a court order or an adoption process to be declared as the legal parents of their own child, if they have no biological connection.

To see more on the above read Robynne’s editorial on the Winnipeg Free Press here.

Robynne represents 7 Manitoba couples listed on the court filing, you can read more about one of the couples on the CBC news website here.

Another article featuring a different couple represented can be found on Winnipeg Free Press news here.

Read CTV new’s article regarding a separate couple here.

To view the full video and read more on this topic on Global NEWS website go here.


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