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Jamie Jurczak

Jamie Alyce Jurczak Partner


Services provided by J. A. Jurczak Law Corporation.

  • University of Winnipeg (B.A., 2000; Gold Medal in Anthropology)
  • University of Ottawa (LL.B., 2003)

Jamie is a Partner with Taylor McCaffrey, experienced in all facets of labour and employment law, as well as being a skilled civil litigator. While Jamie represents her clients in matters such as human rights and privacy, workplace conflicts and disputes, and wrongful dismissal, she has a focus on occupational health and safety (OHS). In fact, Jamie is renowned for her work in this area and has received numerous recognitions. In 2021 she was recognized as a 5-Star Safety Lawyer and “One to watch in the OHS field” by Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Magazine. She earned a national award of OHS Lawyer of the Year – Silver Winner by OHS Canada Magazine in 2023. Since 2014, Jamie has been honored as a leading practitioner in OHS and Workplace Human Rights by the Canadian Legal expert® Directory.

Jamie is well versed in helping organizations respond to serious workplace accidents, addressing administrative appeals, and defending employers charged under provincial and federal occupational health and safety legislation. Her OHS knowledge and experience has led to ongoing demands for the development and delivery of OHS training by clients in Manitoba and the Federal sector, along with numerous speaking engagements for healthy and safe workplaces.

Jamie is passionate about her work and proud to know her efforts have helped create safer work environments for employers and employees in all industry sectors. In addition, Jamie also takes immense pride in her work in human rights where she conducts independent investigations and assists employers with a variety of workplace harassment (including sexual harassment) and violence situations.

Along with running a very demanding legal practice, Jamie’s other passion is in dance. She has been the owner and co-director of Maples Academy of Dance since 2010 and continues to teach dance today. While teaching is an important aspect of owning her business, being part of the local business community is especially important to Jamie. She has been a member of the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce (past chair) and the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and continues to be engaged in the business community.

Memberships and Professional Designations

  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Manitoba Bar Association (MBA)
  • CPHR Manitoba
  • The Associates (Asper School of Business) 
  • JCI Senate (2005-present)
  • Golden Key International Honours Society, University of Ottawa Chapter
  • Taylor McCaffrey is the exclusive Manitoba member of the Employment Law Alliance, the world’s largest and leading management side network of labour and employment lawyers with selected members literally worldwide
  • Canadian Association of Counsel to Employers (CACE) – the leading management-side labour and employment lawyers organization in Canada


  • Criminal Code Review Board, Alternate Chair (2016-Present)
  • Manitoba Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors (2009-present; Chair in 2013-2014 ) 
  • CACE Board, Manitoba Representative (2017-2019)
  • CACE Occupational Health and Safety Subcommittee (2008-present; Past Chair 2013-2015)
  • Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, Advocacy Leadership Council Member (2018 -Present)
  • Gearshifting Performance Works, President (2006-present), Board Member (2005-2006)
  • CPHR Legislative Review Committee (2009-2016)
  • JCI Winnipeg/Winnipeg Junior Chamber of Commerce, Board Member (2006-2009), President (2007, 2008)
  • United Way Campaign General Business Team Member (2009)
  • Manitoba Bar Association/Royal MTC Fundraising Play, Cast member (8 productions), Lawyer’s Play Committee ( Member 2016 – Present, Chair 2019 -Present) 
  • Manitoba Bar Association, Constitutional-Human Rights Subsection, Co-chair (2007-2009)
  • Manitoba Bar Association Mid-Winter Meeting Planning Committee Member (2005-2008)
  • Manitoba Bar Association, Law Student Mentorship Program, Mentor (2004-2006)
  • Celebrate Canada Committee (Manitoba), Vice-President (2006-2008)


  • Recognized by CanadianLexpert® Directory as a leading lawyer in Occupational Health and Safety (since 2014 ) in Human Rights (since2018)
  • Received JCIInternational Senatorship Designation, October 2012 
  • Recipient of the 2009 Future Leaders of Manitoba Award (Business/Professional Category)
  • YWCA Young Woman of Distinction Nominee, 2007


  • OHS (West) and WCB (West) titles of the Canadian Encyclopedic Digest (CED) 
  • Bongarde Workplace Safety and Health, OHS Insider, Regular Article Contributor, 2012-Present; past topics have included:  Discipline for Safety Infractions/Zero Tolerance Policies, Young Workers, Hazardous Substances, Inspections and Investigations, Return to Work/Accommodation 
  • Canadian Association of Counsel to Employers 10th Annual Conference materials: “Beyond Testing:  Responding to Drugs or Alcohol in the Workplace with Due Diligence in the Mix” 
  • Canadian Association of Counsel to Employers 9th Annual Conference materials: “Psychological Health and Safety and Stress in the Workplace: A Workers’ Compensation Perspective“, 2012. 
  • Canadian Association of Counsel to Employers 7th Annual Conference materials: “Workplace Safety and Health Inspections vs. Investigations – Charter Rights and Counsel’s Role”, 2010. 
  • Law Society of Manitoba, Accommodation in the Workplace, Seminar materials: “Balancing Safety and health Obligations with Human Rights Obligations – Approaching Workplace Safety Requirements from an Accommodation Perspective”, 2010
  • Pitblado Lectures Conference materials: “Building Safer Workplaces in Manitoba – Tools for Lawyers Advising Clients on Workplace Safety and Health Matters”, 2007
  • Lorman Education Services, Employee Dismissal and Documentation Seminar materials: “Issues in Obtaining Employee Medical Information and Documentation”, 2009


  • Law Society of Manitoba, Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPLED) presenter and learning group facilitator – drafting pleadings, practice management and client relationship management modules
  • The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce – Cannabis Day, Panel Speaker ( October & November 2018) 
  • Employment Law Alliance: Webinar “Drugs, Alcohol, Social Media and Harassment in the Workplace:  A Canadian Overview”, October 2013
  • CACE: Various Conferences, including 11th Annual Conference, Occupational health and Safety Panel, “Cross Canada OHS Update”, Montreal, QC; 10th Annual Conference, Occupational Health and Safety Panel, “A Dangerous Cocktail:  Alcohol, Drugs and Safety in the Workplace”, September 2013, Banff, AB; 9th Annual conference, Joint Human Rights and Occupational Health and Safety Panel, “Psychological Health Issues in the Workplace“, September 2012, St. John’s, Newfoundland;  8th Annual Conference, Panel Chair, “Work Refusal Rights and Reprisal Prohibitions“, September 2011, Niagara Falls, Ontario; 7th Annual Conference, Occupational Health & Safety Panel, “Managing the OHS Inspector at the Door: Your Client Has Had An Accident!”, September 2010, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Great West Life Assurance, “The New CSA Standard on Psychological Safety in the Workplace“, June 3, 2013 
  • Lancaster House, Advanced Skills Training Seminar, “Preventing Workplace Bullying and Intervening in Conflict“, May 8, 2013
  • Westray +20 Symposium, University of Ottawa, “Do we need corporate criminal liability? Perspectives of business and labour“, October 2012, Ottawa, Ontario
  • MBA: Midwinter Meeting 2013, “Making the Jump from Junior Associate to Senior Associate, and Senior Associate to Partner”; Labour and Employment Law Subsection meeting, April 2009 ”Workplace Safety and Health Update“ 
  • CPHR Manitoba: Cannabis in the Workplace 2018 & 2019
  • CPHR Manitoba: Safety for the HR Professional Conference, “Balancing Safety and Health Obligations with Human Rights”, December 2014; Annual Spring Legislative Review Conference (Various topics) including Workplace Safety & Health, Human Rights, Off Duty conduct, Workplace Investigations 2008, 2010-2019
  • 1Life Workplace Safety and Health: Various seminars and webinars including: “Balancing Safety & Health Objectives with Human Resources Management“, April 2013; “Managing a Serious Incident“, March 2015, October 2014, March 2013 and March 2011; “Contractor Management” Fall 2012 and Winter 2013; “Workplace Violence Update“, Fall 2011, “Workplace Harassment Update“, June, 2011; “Safety and Health Due Diligence“, November 2010
  • Merit Contractors Association, various topics including  Cannabis in the Workplace, Employment Law, Safety & Human Rights (2017-2019)
  • Safety Services Manitoba, Annual Safe Work Conferences, “Understanding a Workplace Safety and Health Prosecution”, Assembly of Safety Professionals, January 2015; “Workplace Safety and Health Criminal Code Liability“, January 2013; “Understanding Your Legal Duties and Due Diligence” and “Legal Perspectives on Workplace Harassment and Violence Complaints“, January, 2012 
  • Bongarde, Balancing Human Rights Obligations with Safety Obligations, Cross-Canada Webinar, May 2012 
  • Ft. Garry Women’s Resource Centre: “Safe Social Networking” May 2013; “Understanding Workplace Safety and Health Law“, Spring 2010
  • Law Society of Manitoba: Accommodation in the Workplace Seminar: “Balancing Safety and Health Obligations with Human Rights Obligations“, 2010; Pitblado Lectures: “Building Safer Workplaces in Manitoba“, November 2007 
  • Canadian Corporate Counsel Association:  “Workplace Harassment Update – Navigating the New Regulations (and making sure you know the old ones!)”, December 2010, Winnipeg, Manitoba; ”Workplace Safety and Health Prosecutions and Due Diligence in the Face of Bill C-45“, May 2008
  • Canadian Society of Safety Engineers, Manitoba Chapter, “Workplace Safety and Health Prosecutions and Due Diligence”, December 2010
  • JCI Canada National Convention Training Seminar: “Legal Issues Surrounding Termination From Employment“, September 2009 
  • Association of Records Managers and Administrators (Manitoba): “Documents in the Litigation Context“, March 2009 
  • Lorman Education Services, Employee Dismissal and Documentation Seminar: “Issues in Obtaining Employee Medical Information and Documentation“, January 2009 
  • Manitoba Construction Conference (Construction Association of Manitoba/Manitoba Heavy Construction), “Workplace Safety and Health Liability“, January 2007 
  • University of Manitoba Continuing Education Division, Human Resources Legislation course, co-instructor, 2007-2010, with course topics including: statutory interpretation, the Canada Labour Code, employment standards, Common Law employment principles and employment contracts, human rights, workplace privacy, workplace safety and health, workers’ compensation, and employment insurance 
  • Numerous in-house sessions for various clients including the following topics: workplace safety and health, violence and harassment prevention, human rights, general employment law obligations, expert evidence, document retention in civil litigation

Additional information

  • Jamie is also co-owner and co-director of Maples Academy of Dance, where she is an active dance instructor

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